Corallo is a site-specific, permanent (if it survives hooligans' attacks) project for the Isola Borromeo, Cassano d'Adda. The title refers to water, which shapes the island, is essential to life and always flowing.
The installation is made with small, coral-colored resin hands, growing out from tree trunks. They are similar to flowers, lichens, mushrooms, ivy branches. They are monuments to shipwrecked people, souls asking to be remembered, symbols of the new life growing from dissolving matter.
The project comes from far away in my artistic and personal research: I always believed in the nitrogen cycle, where organic matter transforms into soil, grass, food for animals and humans, in the ceaseless rhythm of death and rebirth.
Ecoismi 2019 is a project curated by Ylbert Durishti, ZTC and Cassano d'Adda/Parco Adda Nord.


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