The images > of this cycle are just a selection, the base of a more complex work based on a system of references.

I plan to mix it all with words and drawings coming from everywhere: symbols, myth, poetry, botanics, cooking, medicine...

In my plans the project, which I've been studying for quite a long time now, should end into an installation, each part giving more strength and flavor to the others. It just needs a space and a sponsor to come alive.

The final form of the work depends on the place and the language in which it will be shown.

"Erbario" recreates a visual garden, a herbarium of memories, a labyrinth of images concerning vegetation and nature. The installation panels form a sort of open book with images and words.

In reading those pages, people draw on the earth and sculpt in the air a flower-shaped path.
The path can also be traced by mowing it shorter, which gives the lawn a nice "satin" effect. Or with flowers, or gravel.

Better still, by planting aromatic herbs which perfume the air with every step, like the carpets of flowers paving the roads during Middle Age sacred processions.

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