Milano Bordighera, counting the tunnels

Departure Milano Centrale 15:10 the train is slightly late as usual
First long tunnel, after Tortona, a short one immediately after (two)
Flat country, power plant, Arquata Scrivia, train slows down wagons laden with tree-trunks
Long tunnel (three) before crossing narrow valley, long tunnel (four), valley with concrete graveyard Ronco S.
One long tunnel I'm sleepy (five), a short one a medium length one (six, seven), a medium one (eight) short (nine) medium short (ten) medium short (eleven) another one immediately after (twelve) a very short one (thirteen)
Medium length tunnel, short, medium length (fourteen, fifteen, sixteen), a very short one immediately following (seventeen)
A medium length tunnel, it's probably normal length, I'll stop defining it (it's the eighteenth), a tunnel, a very short tunnel, after that a normal one and another (nineteen twenty twentyone twentytwo)
Medium length, short, very short, long (from twentythree to twentysix)
A wide tunnel at Genova piazza Principe station (twentyseven)
Leaving in the opposite direction, a tunnel coming out along the port, one -darker after the sun- we cross another train and its lights (two) (twentynine) Sampierdarena
A tunnel with windows, a real one, both short, the port, Genova Sestri P., the sea beyond barbed wire
Subways don't matter, nor viaducts
Tunnel, sea between piers and dams, empty sea, dockyards, Pegli
One short tunnel, a less short one, tunnel, (i'm losing count but they could be thirtyfive), short one, short one, blue sea on the left
A medium length tunnel, everybody's getting sleepy
One short tunnel, one medium length, river with black sand bed, another tunnel, a short one after an instant (fortytwo) a rather long one immediately after
Short, medium length, after a very short interval another medium length one, sun on my hands, a very short one, another (fortyeight) two more tunnels that the train crosses almost without solution of continuity, flat site with vegetable gardens, long tunnel (fiftyone), Savona, sun in my eyes, a guy snores but his portable phone rings, I'm not going to the toilet to be sure not to lose count but I'm starting to doubt, maybe one and then the sea, nice blue color
One very short, another one, a long one, another, a normal one, another (fiftyeight), ugly villages, palms, closed windows out of season, Loano, another hour to go I'm bored, the snoring fellow is now reading a popular magazine and hoping not to be seen caresses his balls with an affection he probably doesn't show to any woman
A tunnel, slowing down at Ceriale, sea on one side yard with old cars on the other, cars neatly piled, not as they had where I used to go with my boyfriend to find spare parts for our very old Vauxhall, Albenga, more open than other places here
A medium length tunnel, yellow gorse, short tunnel, very short, short (sixtythree), ticket-collector, I almost lose count, Alassio, the colors of flowers
A tunnel maybe, or a passage, I feel the shadow on my head, I won't count this one One short, one very short, short, short, Diano Marina, where railways are testing the new signals (smaller, less easily readable, futura italic)
A long tunnel (sixtyeight), a shorter one, Imperia, we are on an enbankment and the sea looks like a wall above the roofs, it's because of the light and the high horizon, a large group of French schoolchildren shouting and looking for their reserved places, I have to go, in my hurry I'm almost forgetting my baggage
A tunnel, another, the sun in front of me, short tunnel, reflections on glasshouses, two clandestine immigrants from Albania smile to me
Long tunnel, darkness suddenly blinding after the strong light, one short tunnel, one, another, now a long one, medium length (seventyseven), four short ones (eightyone. Who knows if it's the right number)
Arrival Bordighera 18:56 the train is slightly late as usual

Carla Della Beffa 1998

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