Highlights from a photo & words series, 2017-2018

2018, video, HD 16:9, stereo, 3'15"

Herstories combines my photos with short stories about women. They can be personal or alter-biographical,
and come either in Italian or in English.

I have used words and told stories for years (see Windows, 2003, among other works), but now I feel
much freer to do so. And that makes me much happier.

There are exhibitions and a book, published with la centrale edizioni, 2018: 100 pages, 4 colors,
2 languages. Mail me - cdb (at) carladellabeffa (dot) com - if you wish to buy it.

1 Stile B&B Gallery, Mantua (IT), 2018; Walk-in Studio festival, Milano (IT), 2019

Galleria del Premio Suzzara, Suzzara (IT) 2019; Window Gallery, Auckland (NZ), 2019

Thanks to the women I met for all their stories
and for the video soundtrack to:
G.F. Malipiero, Preludi autunnali n.4 Veloce (1914)
Elena Talarico, piano
Francesco Zago, music consultant


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